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I have been a life long gamer.  As a teen my second home was the arcade.  As an adult I played Mario Kart, Zelda and Overwatch with my kids.  Of all of the fun that gaming is to me I have to say that VR is better, because in that moment the Virtual Reality became reality.  In Star Wars I shot the blaster.  I explored an Imperial base.  My 10 year old son and I attacked robots and fought wooden goblins in Rec Room.  These alternative realities are still just that, realities.  

But just like real life, virtual reality is not so easy.  It takes effort to keep punching in Creed.  I usually find my self sweating after a few rounds.  And honestly, defeat is so much more bitter because you expended so much energy only to find yourself hitting retry one more time.

In a way the very thing that makes VR magical is the thing that holds it back.  It is too much like real life.  Hitting retry on a console game is easy.  The investment is time but limited energy.  For VR it requires real effort.  But I like that.

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