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How does Heartless fit our vision?

Heartless is a tale of the cost of unbridled ambition. You step into a world where the full consequences of the evil lord Grimred’s actions have come to fruition. You encounter the people he betrayed. Their fate intertwined with yours. Can you survive? Can you defeat him?

All of us have or will face a Grimred in our lives. Someone stronger and over powering, who’s ambition drives them to sacrifice all that is precious for what they want. For me personally I have faced many Grimreds. Sometimes I am proud of how I faced them. Other times not so much. In fighting them I learned more about myself. I learned I would rather lose than to have never had fought.

Some of these fights were on the school playground. Some of these fights were in the boxing ring. Most fights were in the meeting rooms of a corporation. But the hardest battles fought were with the Grimred within me.

Are you willing to be Heartless to get what you want?

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