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Experience is Reality

We craft VR and AR experiences that share positive stories and embolden us to be better.

Coming Soon to Oculus Rift Q1 2021


Escape a haunted castle ruled by an evil lord. Cunning and stealth will be some of your only weapons in this adventure to escape a doomed castle.

The Reality Powered Team

Jason Milliken


(VR / AR Engineer)

Tovias Milliken


(Digital Artist and Game Designer)

Crystal Milliken


(Musician, Sound Design)

Latest News

Vision For Heartless

How does Heartless fit our vision? Heartless is a tale of the cost of unbridled ambition. You step into a world where the full consequences of the evil lord Grimred's actions have come to fruition. You encounter the people he betrayed. Their fate intertwined with...

Gaming vs VR

I have been a life long gamer.  As a teen my second home was the arcade.  As an adult I played Mario Kart, Zelda and Overwatch with my kids.  Of all of the fun that gaming is to me I have to say that VR is better, because in that moment the Virtual Reality became...

Building a game is hard.

Building a VR game is even harder. Input in traditional games is limited to analog sticks and a few buttons.  With VR the player is the input system.  We had to account for a variety of interfaces, tall, short, thin and thick.  We realized that we had to make...



Heartless is a VR stealth puzzle game